We’re Home!

So last Friday we FINALLY moved into our ‘Big House’!


I say ‘Big House’ I do not mean a big house – we wish! – but as we lived in a flat before, it was always referred to as ‘Big’.

It was an emotional few days, as both of us were born and raised in Milton Keynes so to move away (Albeit not very far!) it was pretty scary…Also the boy was leaving his family home and his beloved Dog behind.

We had all of our belongings in storage so had to squash them all in the back of a truck as well as pack up 9 months of our lives from his parents house. Then at around 11 AM we got the call to say we had completed! That made me want to vom… not gonna lie.

So we figured as we had completed it meant we could head on up to Wellingborough… We got to the house and completely underestimated the driveway. Its on a bend so took a few attempts to get the truck on!

We went off to get the keys whilst our little helpers started unloading stuff out onto the front. But low and behold the estate agents didn’t have our keys! Isn’t that what ‘completed’ means? So off we went to Tesco to get some dinner, beers and milk (gotta have tea!) And then headed back into town. Naive as we are we didn’t really factor in that it takes A BILLION YEARS to get anywhere around Welly! Seriously how many traffic lights and one way systems do you need?! Just get some bloody roundabouts! Jeez!


Anyway we EVENTUALLY got back with our keys!! And opened up our new home. You know that perfectly staged photo of the couple stood outside the front door with their keys – yeah we tried to go for that but just looked like panic stricken deer in headlights!



We were in! I got to work straight away and started bleaching the kitchen whilst the men unloaded all the heavy stuff. Safe to say it looked like a bomb had hit it within 5 minutes! But with A LOT of help from our family, we got everything in and most of the important bits unpacked by 9 o’clock, where we swiftly fell into bed!



Sadly our internet wasn’t set up properly so we are currently using a data ‘hotspot’ situation, which is a pain in the arse. And our gas and electric is going to be a gazillion squids more than budgeted :O BUT it’s all ours so for now we will just wash our dishes at midnight and hope we don’t lose the house next week!


The next few days were a whirlwind of cleaning, organising and trying to work out where the kettle would work best! But it’s starting to look like a Home ❤






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