Settling in

Hi! It’s been a while! You can blame Talk Talk for that…


It’s been 3 weeks today since we moved into our little home. Settling in well and getting used to the house and it’s little quirks. Here are a few things we have learnt –

  • The walls are pretty thin...Sorry Dan for getting you up with me every morning whilst you’ve been off…
  • The doors don’t really shut. Thankfully as it’s just the two of us it’s not a big problem. Just kinda creepy when you hop into bed thinking everything’s shut and it pops open of it’s own accord! Ghost…
  • Spiders are now a part of our family. So many tagged along on the move, that I’ve got over it now and just made friends.
  • I am incapable of not nagging. Dan’s done so well in getting involved in cooking and even some housework (which was super rare back at our flat) but I still can’t help but nag ALL the time… I’m annoying myself!


  • Our alarm is out to get us. It just doesn’t stop going off… no matter how many times we set/unset it, get Dans stepdad round to look at it, even shouting abuse at it, it still goes off at 7:56 Every. Fucking. Morning.
  • Talk Talk are fucking morons. I mean I’m sure some lovely people work for them but seriously… over 4 weeks and still no luck with internet… THIS is why we set it up before we moved, but still, they fuck it all up. Good one. So now Virgin have taken over and hopefully we will actually have some WIFI!! Been going crazy without it! Actually had to do some proper housework the other night…


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