We got a puppy!

So yh…we just moved in , we know! But yes, we bought a puppy.


We’ve wanted a dog for a couple of years, but living in a flat this wasn’t possible. So when we were looking at properties to buy, it was super important to have a nice big garden for a pup to frolick in!


Obviously we hadn’t planned on getting a dog so soon! We were thinking more Christmas time, but we just couldn’t resist looking at pups online and seeing what kind we’d want.

Then we kept seeing this ad pop up for these German Shepherd puppies and I thought, Fuck it lets go see them, the owners might be dodgy as hell and we can just walk away after having a nice cuddle for the afternoon. But we got there and the mum was fantastic and the pups looked happy and healthy and then Max just stood out to both of us instantly.

Now I’m a cat person – Dan’s the dog guy. But straight away I fell for this little furball!


The pups were ready to go, so as crazy as it sounds we literally bundled him in the car and drove home. No preperation whatsoever! I ran to the nearest pet store and bought EVERYTHING I could think of! Then stood in the carpark and tried not to vomit… We had just bought a dog…

I was almost home when Dan called like ‘Please hurry he won’t leave my side, I’m freaking out!’ Which did make me chuckle… I’m normally the one losing my shit and Dans always calm and collected!

But after a month with us today, he’s settling in just great! He’s been to puppy parties…


Made friends…


And made himself quite at home!


Also, don’t judge us…but he totes has insta too….@maxthedestroyergsd if you want daily pupper updates 😉



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